HOPE says ‘thank you’ to all who supported us
Time: HOPE says ‘tha Address: Shang Hai & Nan Jing

On 23rd December, 2023, a day just before Christmas and New Year, HOPE held ‘thank you’ event to parents and students. This was a gathering which HOPE expressed gratitude to all those supported us in the past. On this occasion, HOPE invited 30 students and parents, experts as well as charity group to share their experience with HOPE.

Students introduced themselves first. Almost all the students were studying in famous colleges and schools in the UK. All of them applied via HOPE. Students shared their stories in UK, including some practical experiences regarding life, friends and university applications. After each sharing, Judith Zhu, our chief counsellor, commented on their stories and gave out her helpful suggestions to students. She sincerely wished all students good luck in applying their dreamed universities and ideal jobs.

HOPE students sharing their stories

After vivid stories told by students and parents, professionals from UK estate agency shared their opinions with parents regarding the ways to purchase property in the UK. Parents who wanted to provide their children with better living and learning conditions were interested in this part, asking several questions about mortgages and foreign currency exchange with the professionals.

HOPE’s donation ceremony to autism children

HOPE had a long tradition of committing itself to charity work, such as helping autism children. This time HOPE also invited admission officers from University of Newcastle and University of Loughborough as representatives to donate to autism children. Jessie Su, representative from University of Newcastle stated that one of the qualities of students Newcastle University expects was what they can do to the society. Therefore, she was very grateful that HOPE could in this way encourage its students to be supportive to those less fortunate children.

The event was a great success. All the parents and students felt warm and fulfilled after the event.

Nanjing office event

Apart from Shanghai office, HOPE Nanjing office and Hangzhou office also held such events in different styles before Christmas.