Finance, Business Development & Marketing Internship


Company: Credit Union – North London 

 Where: North London

Credit Unions are a fast-growing alternative to traditional banks, building societies and payday lenders. There are currently over 300 Credit Unions in the United Kingdom with over 1.2 million members and customers. Unlike other companies, the main objective is to encourage saving rather than borrowing and the taking on of debt.

Opportunity to:

· gain hands on work experience in a competitive financial services business

· learn and develop skills in a competitive business environment

· gain transferable business skills including credit control, marketing, customer service, corporate governance, financial management and reporting

· develop a thorough understanding of the microeconomic behaviour of individuals

· intern in a friendly, supportive and motivated environment

· gain experience in financial marketing (planning and implementing)

· learn and develop good customer service skills and experience

· develop an understanding of effective corporate governance

· participate in a meeting of the Board of Directors (some unions)

· gain an understanding of UK and EU financial services regulation

· meet and improve their understanding of people from a wide range of socio-economic, faith and ethical backgrounds

· play a role in the continually rapid growth of UK credit unions, seeing the direct results of your activities

· help people and families get out of debt